Product Management &

UX Strategy

I'm Roxane.

I’m a Berlin-based product manager with several years of experience working on FinTech and SaaS apps. My passion for semantics, analytics and user patterns build the foundation of a strongly UX centered approach in product management. I'm currently leading the development of the mobile and web applications for Circula, a SaaS venture focusing on expense management. Before that I managed products of several ventures within the company builder FinLeap


Product Management

Combining UX expertise, management skills, curiosity and the ability to always step into the users’ shoes for the creation of better products.

UX Research & Strategy

Adding value to the management process with the ability to build frameworks based on in depth user experience research.

Design Sprints

Building and testing solutions for specific problems systematically, collaboratively and in the shortest time by using Design Sprints.

Data Analytics

Understading of how to leverage your product's data to deliver a better experience to your customers.

What do I believe?

I believe that design thinking is key to enhanced creativity and more fertile management processes. That good product managers should stand with both feet on the ground of the practical world and yet stick their heads in the clouds when they need to. I furthermore believe that with the right team you can conquer the world. That success is only fulfilling when it can be shared. And that ice cream can cure nearly everything.